Powerful Warehouse Management Software for Inventory Tracking and Stock Control

Take complete control of your order processing, restocking, barcoding, auditing, reporting, and real time inventory management across the entire supply chain with the Cloudos Inventory Management System.

A cost-effective, feature-rich, and easy-to-use inventory management software built for high growth businesses.

Cloudos Inventory Management System provides real-time visibility of inventory across the supply chain. It features built-in capabilities to streamline and automate low level processes, and make quick, accurate decisions in the case of complex processes.

Boost Workforce Productivity

Integrated automation, centralized catalogue management, and intelligent restocking capabilities eliminate inefficiencies and dramatically increase productivity.

Make Smarter Decisions

Know your bestselling products, crowd-pleasers, and low turnover products to make smart pricing and stocking decisions.

Horizontal Integration

Easy integration of your supply chain members, front and back, for easy management of incoming and outgoing inventory.

An End-to-End Inventory Management Solution

A comprehensive inventory management software to manage all your daily operations.

Effortlessly manage all your orders in one place. Create, schedule, and track shipments all from a centralized console.

Stocks running out? Transfer inventory from other stores, outlets, or warehouses to locations with high demand to meet urgent needs, while simultaneously placing orders for restocking.

Categorize products by their name, SKUs, tags, brand, type, variants, sizes, colors, suppliers, and more, and thereby eliminate double entries and human errors. Bundle together multiple products to form gift baskets, discount deals, and so on.

Optimize inventory levels based on solid analytics on orders. Improve your restocking processes to minimize inventory costs, and maximize inventory turnover and profits.

Enhanced Quoting, Invoicing, and Orders Management

Engage customers by leveraging the real-time awareness of inventory data.

Send accurate quotes to customers with complete awareness of the stock levels in your warehouse, so that you never face fulfilment problems.

Provide highly responsive experience to customers by engaging them anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Define returns criteria and grant return requests automatically based on it. Smart scheduling of collection, management, and inventory updating.

Simplify ordering to suppliers and acceptance of orders from clients by automating both and directly integrating with their ERP solutions.

Lead your industry

Everything you need to become the most competitive business in your industry.

Perfect for small, medium, and enterprises of all sizes. Supports a large number of team members, and offers advanced features like serial number tracking for superior management of inventory.

Cloudos Inventory Management Software comes with multiple location support, so that you can manage your inventories in as many locations as you need, all from one place.

APIs and other integration options for easy integration into other ERP solutions, including sales, accounting, purchasing, and supplier/client ERP solutions.

Leverage extensive reporting options, including in-depth financial summaries, product analytics, inventory performance reports, and demand forecasting to maximize revenues.