Simplify Your Procure-to-Pay Process and Improve Your Spend Visibility

Procure raw materials, manage suppliers, automate key transactions, and understand spending from anywhere with a cloud-based solution. Cloudos Purchase Management Software is easy to set up, convenient to access, and intelligently designed to reduce time and errors in the procurement process.

An Integrated Material Management ERP Solution that Saves Time and Money

Improve procurement performance by streamlining your organization’s procurement process, reducing manual tasks, increasing policy adherence, and spending wisely. Cloudos Purchase Management Software delivers a rapid return on its investment.

Automate Procurement

Send RFQs and POs to suppliers automatically when the inventory levels hit restocking levels. Make key payments automatically.

Manage Business Rules

Set custom rules for approval workflows, purchase budgets and limits, and delivery days. Manage user permissions, empower department managers to place orders with full transparency, and configure it to your business’s needs.

Intelligent Inventory Management

Accurate forecasts of inventories from confirmed purchase orders, sales orders, and production workflows to optimize inventories and minimize inventory costs.

Optimize Your Procurement

Eliminate low level manual tasks and assign the human resources to mission-critical tasks for a dramatic improvement in productivity, while simultaneously reaping the advantages of a highly optimized procurement process.

Keep track of inventory. Generate RFQs automatically when the stocks reach predefined limits. Send POs automatically based on procurement rules and quotations received. Automate the procurement process from authorized suppliers.

Bid Adieu to paper-based procurement exercises and execute purchase transactions electronically. Shorten the process timelines from weeks to days.

Assign workflow tasks to different users and create unambiguous roles and responsibilities for them to accelerate approval workflows and optimize spending.

Integrate your suppliers’ ERP solutions with Cloudos to get real-time visibility of their product availability, quantities, price lists, promotions, and so on, to make smarter purchase decisions.

Superior Management of Purchases, Expenses, and Suppliers

Get an unprecedented level of control over your organization’s procurement expenses. An effective oversight mechanism to improve spending efficiency and boost compliance to spending rules.

Streamline the payment processes with pre-authorized expenses. Reduce paperwork and waiting periods for suppliers to receive payments.

A crisp and clean interface that offers a complete overview of the procurement expenses. A range of expense tracking features that allow the management the flexibility to customize business rules of executing and managing different types of expenses.

Create products, add variants, add supplier references, define procurement rules, track product stocks, and import product information from the suppliers.

Generate detailed and customized professional invoices with your organization’s branding, applicable taxes, and itemized lists of sales/purchases. Supplementary invoice generation with retrospective amendment capability.

Advanced Features That Give You a Competitive Edge Over Your Competitors

Cloudos Purchase Management Software ships with a multitude of features that are geared towards providing highly relevant and actionable insights for businesses to achieve a competitive advantage over their competitors.

A comprehensive expense recording and powerful reporting system that grants you a complete overview of where your organization’s money is being spent.

Manage the procurement process of multiple subsidiaries, companies, and warehouses, all from a single, highly user-friendly interface from anywhere in the world with this cloud-based solution.

Get accurate data on the performance of the suppliers, such as turnaround times for replying to RFQs, delivery times and delays, discounts offered, quantities supplied, and more. Improve your in-house activities with insights on inventory management and procurement.

Real-time data collection, reporting, and analysis of inventory data, supplier data, and product demand to better manage inventory to optimize working capital and free up cash for other business activities.