Cloud Operational System (Cloudos). The purpose of Cloudos project is to deliver on-demand computing services through applications over the internet. It improves accessibility, scalability, and reliability while minimizing overhead and maintenance costs. Cloudos allows easier and quicker integration with other platforms without the need to acquire expensive hardware, server, or infrastructure.

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Imagine that you are an SME entrepreneur with a limited capital, yet you can have full set of expensive software for your business without paying a vendor, installing complex IT infrastructure or hiring expert IT technicians.

Our focus is the problem of SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises) inability to employ expensive software due to the limited capital or the risk of failing to achieve the promised return of investment after utilizing certain solution because of mismanagement or the deficiencies in the IT department.

Our team has domain experience acquired from working in companies, beside our experience in Software Engineering, Operational Research, Sales, Finance and Remote Deployment.

SMEs avoid dispelling a considerable amount of their limited capital in:

  • Building complex IT infrastructure

  • Managing and paying for an IT department

  • Purchasing or developing expensive software

  • Maintaining and upgrading already deployed solutions.

As a result, they fail to make use of technology and lose competition to other company which is more tech savvy. Due to the emergent awareness, SMEs would rather have fast IT solutions at lower costs, with minimum effort and a feasible return of investment.

What do we offer?

"Cloudos" is a suite of integrated business management applications. Cloudos is providing a cloud-based system to all the end-users as software service.

We provide business automation applications to be used through the web as a rentable service. The offered service suite designed to help entrepreneurs achieve three goals; increase revenues, reduce costs and build strong customer relationship.

The service is multi-tenable which eliminates the cost of having in-house IT systems. The centralized architecture simplifies the required infrastructure to run the service. Software as a Service alleviates customers of maintenance and upgrading operations.

Service Model:

  • Business Process Management as a Service

  • Sales Force Management as a Service

  • Business Intelligence as a Service

  • Accounting Systems as a Service